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The terms of service enclosed in this policy constitute the essential basis for the righteousness of any action operated on MyCasualGamez.com. By opening an account on our website and benefiting from our services, you acknowledge that you are entering an agreement with MyCasualGamez.com and you therefore pledge to respect the conditions of use which apply to this website.

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Access to all the features and services provided by the online environment at MyCasualGamez.com is solely for adults. Unless you are of legal age in your area of jurisdiction, please refrain from using this website.


Subject to your acceptance of the terms of service, MyCasualGamez.com provides you with a restricted, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to visualize website Content and utilize website Services solely for your personal and non-commercial purposes.

Any marketable action operated on this website is illicit. Any reproduction, transmission or broadcast of MyCasualGamez.com content is forbidden unless you have previously been provided with a written authorization issued by the representatives of MyCasualGamez.com.

This entitlement to use content protected by the right to intellectual property may be revoked at any given moment, as determined in our sole discretion. Once the consent to use copyrighted material has been retracted, you are under the legal obligation to immediately remove all content belonging to MyCasualGamez.com from any and all broadcast channels. NOTICE: Kindly take into consideration that you are advised to retain a duplicate of your transaction data for record purposes.


MyCasualGamez.com encourages user interaction and member contribution which expedites the growth of our online community. Users are prohibited from posting defamatory, harmful, offensive, mean-spirited, profane, racist, menacing, intimidating, obscene, sexually aggressive, sexually suggestive or off-topic comments, as well as content which may disable, overload or otherwise impair MyCasualGamez.com, such as file uploads containing viruses, Trojans, malicious codes, worms or other types of infectious malware.

User-posted content is constantly reviewed by site moderators. Comments which contravene the policy herein are immediately erased. Please note that recurring violations of these provisions may lead to account termination and IP ban.

All information provided during account creation and user activity must be accurate and valid. You are prohibited from impersonating another entity or from forging a different online identity.

Any material you provide to MyCasualGamez.com for online publishing constitutes an approval on your behalf for the further copy, distribution, transmission and display of the afore-mentioned information on our media channels and a sub-license of the rights without any material obligation and financial endorsement from MyCasualGamez.com.


Coins constitute the in-house currency at MyCasualGamez.com which enables users to take part in exciting Championships, fierce Realm-Trials or entertaining Friend-Trials, send Gifts and other interactive actions. Please note that coins do not carry any monetary value. All website acquisitions fall under the obligation of Arconya Limited.

You are advised to keep a printed copy of the transactional information between you and MyCasualGamez.com for further reference. BILLING When purchasing Coins, your credit card statement will read: ALW*mycasualgamez +18552501032 or Arconya +18552501032.


You are required to create an account in order to enjoy the full cluster of services and features available on MyCasualGamez.com. You are the only one responsible for the proper safeguarding of your password, and you agree that you are considered liable for any website activity completed from your account, regardless of whether you authorized it or not.

Deactivation or deletion of your account is legitimate at any given moment, and you will not be inquired over your reason. We reserve the right to disable access to your account without issuing a prior notification.

This action may occur at any time and for any reason, without MyCasualGamez.com incurring any liability to you or any other third party. Any user action which may be categorized as a violation of the Terms and Conditions outlined in this policy grants us the right to close your account at any time.

Any account which appears as inactive for a timespan which exceeds 90 days is eligible for termination.


The website and all its afferent materials, including materials and services, is offered under the binding “AS IS”, “WITH ALL FAULTS” and “AS AVAILABLE“ modus operandi.

Should you experience inconveniences with our service delivery protocol or our usage regulatory policies, your exclusive remedy is to immediately interrupt the use of our website. To the utmost extent allowed by our applicable jurisdiction,

MyCasualGamez.com issues no warranty or representation of endorsement, either express or implied, and provides no assurance that the online environment is fully functional or that its features and services will perform uninterrupted and as described at any given moment.

Without restricting the foregoing terms, we are not to be held responsible for any system malfunction, performance issues, network failures or errors resulted after using MyCasualGamez.com.

You comprehend, admit and approve that you are fully assuming the risk related to the quality, responsiveness, timeliness, competence, comprehensiveness, precision, legitimacy, security and cogency of all the functions of the online environment at MyCasualGamez.com.


This Agreement is governed by the legal prerogatives applicable in Cyprus, considered as binding for your use of the website.

All Disputes which may derive from the use of MyCasualGamez.com as outlined in the present Agreement will be arbitrated according to the legislation in vigor within the territory of Cyprus, without allusion to conflict of laws principles.

In all legal actions, the parties relinquish the right to punitive damages. Unless MyCasualGamez.com and its managers choose to commence legal measures in your home region, you hereby irreversibly express your acceptance of the exclusive authority and venue of Cyprus.


Up to a certain extent, the information we display on-site is provided by third parties. We are not liable for the accuracy, truthfulness and adequacy of this information, nor may we warrant that it does not infringe the rights of another entity.

Please make sure you have read, understood and accepted the terms of service expressed by that third party before your subsequent use of the information, suggestion or service provided by that specific website. We reserve the authoritative right to adjust the present policy as we deem it proper for service improvement or legal compliance.

You are advised to review these Terms of Service on a regular basis. Your continuous use of the website after the publication of the updates to the Terms of Service is envisaged as your acceptance of all updates.

This policy is effective as of January 18th, 2021.